Illinois Riverview Ranch

200 +/- Acres
Cherokee County, OK

Whitetail Deer Turkey Lake/River Frontage Timber Ranch, Cattle Ranch 

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Located 8 minutes east of Tahlequah, 1 mile from the Todd Public Access on the Illinois River overlooking the Illinois River Valley and only 600 feet from the Nature Conservancy's 17,000 acre Nickel Family Preserve.  Just an hour's drive from either Tulsa, OK or Fayetteville, AR.  A paved, country road extends almost all the way to the property before turning to gravel.   


Your first view of the property will likely be across the valley as you approach from the south. The ranch sits on top of a tall ridge that bounds the Illinois River Valley and the high meadow on the ranch stands out in contrast to the backdrop of forestland.  The ridge is incised by deep canyons that fall away from its spine.  In some areas the canyon rims fall as bluffs to the valley below.  The views from the ridge top are fantastic.  To the south you can look down the valley through pretty green pastures surrounded by woodland.  On the extreme west boundary of the property, you can catch glimpses of the Illinois River through the dense foliage.  Late in the evening, the sun sets behind a large white cross on the opposite ridge line across the river bottom.  An excellent road and trail system allows easy access to the entire property. Meadows with scattered trees have been established along ridge tops to create the excellent views plus the wooded areas have been left natural in the deep draws and on the side slopes.  


The property has a small spring and waterfall, plus small ponds for wildlife.  However, the major water feature for this property is the nearby Illinois River which comes very near the western edge of the property.  Just 1 mile from public access, you are 5 minutes from enjoying a long day of floating, swimming and fishing along the beautiful course of the river.  The Illinois River is a designated Scenic River and is protected from degradation.


The property has numerous roads and trails that allow access to each of the side ridges.  In addition, parts of the ridgetops have been cleared and established as meadows with intermixed trees.  Electricity is available on the property.  No other improvements have been made.


The property has a very healthy population of deer.  The temperature was above 100 degrees when I took pictures of the property and i saw 10 different deer.  In addition, there are numerous deer feeders that have been used to provide supplemental nutrition.  Plus, there is a good chance you will see a good bull elk migrating out from the Nickel Preserve during the fall of each year. 


The owner has approximately 75% of the mineral rights intact and will convey these rights with a good offer.





Property Summary:

Illinois Riverview Ranch is 200 acres of pristine land located a few hundred feet from both the Nature Conservancy's Nickel Preserve and the Illinois River.  This parcel sits atop a grand ridge with deep hollows incised into its flanks.  There are a few unique features that make this property truly special.  The first is the presence of a climax forest.  The forest floor is clean of undergrowth due to the density of the overhead canopy.  The size, quality and diversity of the timber is outstanding.  Not only are there large oaks and hickory trees but there are also magnificent stands of arrow straight pine trees.  These trees are the size you normally see in creek and river bottoms, but these are on a ridge top.  Whereas most upland trees in Oklahoma are relatively short, these are truly upland giants.  Past logging practices have also enforced a degree of monoculture on most stands.  However, this forest has a beautiful diversity that you just don't see that much anymore. 

The views from the property are special.  The Illinois River comes very near a vertical cliff on the western portion of the property and can be seen through the foliage, although the view is rather limited in the summer.  Meadows have been established along the spine of the ridges and the view of the valley from the central peak of the property is awesome.  You see the undulating roll of the bounding ridges of the river valley and the green pastures below.  This would be an absolutely stunning place to build a home.  You can watch the sun set behind a large white cross on the next ridge to the west.

Deer are abundant on the property and tend to orient themselves to the meadow edges where the vegetation grows a little thicker due to access to sunlight.  In addition, a small pond and a spring flowing over a rock cliff provide water to the wildlife.  If you are into floating the Illinois River, a public access point is 1 mile from the front gate of the property.  This property has been in the same family for more than 30 years.  If you are looking for the perfect combination of natural beauty and recreation for your family in a smaller, more affordable package, then this property is one you really need to see.  Really nice places like these don't come up for sale that often and if you buy it, it will probably be in your family for decades.




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