Ranch Selling 101 - Key Things to Know

Understand the market.

Make an honest assessment of your motivation to sell. Then determine the market by finding comps to get an understanding of your property’s value.

Learn about your buyer.

Consider your buyer’s persona.  What features does your property offer that match with a particular demographic?  Knowing this will help you narrow down your selling channels.

Tell the story of your ranch.

In order to attract the most qualified buyers, you’ll want to create marketing materials that reflect the value of your property. Gather property images and maps and create a description that highlights features and the story behind your land.

Make needed repairs, etc.

Now is the time to make any necessary repairs (fencing, etc.) Also consider any enhancements that will increase the value of the property and bring a higher return.

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Find a trusted advisor.

Work with a land specialist who is solely focused on your needs who makes it a point to give best advice for you, in your situation. Your interests need to come first throughout the entire process.

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